The Dominion spotlight has come and gone, so here we have a summary of the event, as well as the announcement for our next lore session, which includes.. MAGIC!

As our final lore session prior to the launch of the game, we'll take any and all of your questions about Magic in the ES universe. Want to know why Necromancy isn't considered a separate school? How about the magical components in Alchemy? What exactly is the Elder Way? And how do I get one of those fancy Winged Twilights?

The panel will take your questions about magic on the 15 of March, at 21.00 CET (8 PM GMT // 3 PM EST)  in the Lore channel on TESO-RP's mumble server. If you don't think that you can make it, then you can leave your question in the comments, or PM one of the panel members (Galien, Neela, Pigeons, The Ragebear, and myself).

And now for the summary of our Aldmeri Dominion session:

Q. Are there any legal consequences in Bosmer society for breaking the Green Pact?
A. Nope, not any legal consequences that we know of. However, spiritually Bosmer believe that they'll be punished Y'ffre, by him taking their physical form from them, and returning them to the primordial Ooze, that they once were.

Q. Artaeum, where it at brah?
A. North-east or South-east of the Summerset Isles, although the Psijics being able to wisp it in and out of this plane, are also able to move it to other locations, as they please.

Q. Astral Projection, and similar Psijic spells, how common are they, and who else can use them?
A. Common enough, if you're a member of the Psijic Order. Some ex-members of the Order might know them, and maybe teach them to their apprentices, but in general they are restricted to the Psijic Order and Mages of the Dominion.

Q. How are the Daedric Princes viewed by the Altmer?
A. Universal resentment, yes this includes the "good" Daedra.

Q. Hircine worship in Valenwood?
A. Might be more common than elsewhere, but the Thalmor and the Dominion are actively working to reduce the amount of Hircine cults in the region.

Q. Have the Altmer ever engaged in slavery?
A. The elven reputation for brutal slave-keeping has more to do with Dunmer and historical memories of Ayleid brutality against early humans on the mainland. There is little evidence for Altmer keeping slaves on Summerset Isles in the Second Era, apart from enslavement of goblins for menial labour which is well established.

Q. What is the relationship between moon sugar and Khajiit religion?
A. The Khajiit believe that by consuming moon sugar, they'll be able to connect with Ja'Kha'Jay and thus commune with the moons, Jone and Jode. So the Khajiit aren't addicted to moon sugar, it is simply a part of their religion.

Q. Do the Khajiit have different grades of intelligence, dependant on their particular breed?
A. Nope, the breed of a Khajiit has no influence on its intellect, although some breeds are limited by the inability to speak, they can easily understand spoken, they simply cannot speak themselves. All breeds of Khajiit can breed with each other.

Q. Social standings in Bosmer society, do they have anything like the Great Houses of the Dunmer?
A. The Bosmer have the Tree-thanes who function more as regional custodians, than actual nobles, some have even joined the Thalmor.. Likely in a bid for more influence on the state of Valenwood. Families like the Camorans, lead us to believe that there might be other families with some form of greater influence on the Bosmer around them, based on their name.

Q. Will the Mane be present in TESO?
A. Yes, he took part in the formal formation of the Aldmeri Dominion, and a previous AuA has revealed that players can get involved a quest involving the Mane.

Q. Why are the Khajiit a part of the Dominion instead of one of the other Alliances?
A. Queen Ayrenn offered the Khajiit assistance with the Knahaten Flu, both containment and relief. None of the other races offered any assistance, and so the Khajiit owe the Altmer a debt of honour. On top of this the Khajiit have terrible reputation as thieves outside of their homeland Elsweyr, and very few members of the other races look kindly upon them.

Q. Are there any vampires on the Summerset Isles?
A. There are no known Summerset vampire clans, as the Altmer are quick exterminate the spawn of the Daedric Princes whenever they are found. However, the Altmer do tend to view as being so pure that they can't be corrupted, this leads to quiet complacency, and the occasional oversight.

Q. Which kinds of gifts would each of the Dominion races value the most?
A. For Altmer, anything that would stimulate the mind; A piece of art, a book, an intricately crafted piece of something. For Bosmer, ecclectic items; Pets, headdresses, alcohol, imported wood, jewels. For Khajiit, items that would stimulate their senses; Moon sugar-based foods, comfortable/fancy clothes, and even pieces of art.

Q. Are Altmer pro-Dragons?
A. Yes, when Alduin eats the world, the Altmer will be there so that they can return to their Et'Ada state in Aetherius.