Hullo people of TESO-RP,

(Due to the beta being this weekend, we have decided to postpone the lore session, so see you on March the 8th.)

We are now at the final alliance lore spotlight, ending it all with the lithe elves and feline-humanoids of the Aldmeri Dominion. Let me tell you, Galien and Pigeons have both been scratching themselves silly in anticipation for this day (also due to fleas).

Needless to say preparation will be done, but you can help us along by posing questions for the panel, either in the comments below, the Mumbling about Lore thread on the forums, or by PMing one of the panel members (Galien, Neela, Pigeons, The Ragebear, or myself).

The session with begin at 21.00 CET (8 PM GMT // 3 PM EST), in the Lore channel on TESO-RP's Mumble server. If you have questions that you'd be prefer a live answer to, then better write them down and have them ready for when we go full speed ahead. Should you have any questions that aren't related to the Aldmeri Dominion, I will be available for questioning during the hour prior to session's beginning.

Again, like we have done with all of the alliance spotlights, we'd like to invite anyone who is confident in their knowledge about one or more of the Dominion races, to join us as a Guest Panelist. To do this, simply PM me and I'll get the ball rolling.