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Spared a coin for the poor
Hi can I get a commission spot for art please you are good and cool and I'd like art where do I put it in where is the art subforum thanks and good luck dealing with me.

Posted Dec 27, 13
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Thank you all for the beautiful feedback! I truly appreciate it!

As for commissions, I believe a couple of spots are still open and I'd be more than happy to accept more requests! Of course, do take into consideration that New Year's is just around the corner and this batch might take a little while longer to complete. As long as you don't mind waiting a bit, everything should be alright! I usually try to deliver the finished work in no more than two weeks.
Posted Dec 27, 13 · OP
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I would also like to request a commission, one of Urox, of course. I suppose I'll PM you any details when it becomes a relevant time?

Your sketch styling is really something. I haven't seen yet if your characters are artists, but I hope they are.
Posted Dec 27, 13 · Last edited Dec 27, 13
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Wanted to update the thread with a cropped sketch of the commission I'm currently working on for Falcastra Joradenskjola. Apologies for the bad quality of the pictures right now, I don't really scan them until they're mostly finished and ready for coloring.
Posted Jan 3, 14 · OP
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Finished commission for Falcastra Jordaneskjolda of his character of the same name. Cannot thank him and Ralyn enough for commissioning me!
Feel free to glance at my artblog or my wall for more sketches and progress shots of the artwork.
Posted Jan 7, 14 · OP
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Not ESO-related but I was happy with myself for trying digital painting once more and experimenting with different techniques and color choices. This is a cropped version and the original size can be found on my artblog.
Posted Jan 8, 14 · OP
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Time Served
Aadoris! Guess whose lovely artwork for Falcastra made the Tamriel Chronicle this week? :sick:

Give you hint - it was yours!
Varayne; altmer stormcaller, scout | Nenda; redguard medic, thief

The Aerie; unity through excellence

Vlyn; clan huntress, xenophobe
Dame Aurelana; soldier-knight, follower of Auri-El
Daniyah; humanitarian, horsewoman
Yngrid Bruknytta; fury-widow, hunter of werewolves
Posted Jan 9, 14
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Yay! Really happy it got put up! It's great to be up there along with the other fantastic submissions this week.
Posted Jan 9, 14 · OP
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Congrats, Aadoris! Your work more than deserves a spot there.

It's also a little exciting for me, since that's my boyfriend's character.

I hope that you see more of your artwork earn spots in the Chronicle.
Posted Jan 9, 14
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I'm not dead, I swear! Apologies for the lack of updates, my schedule suddenly became very messy upon going back to college, so I've been having trouble finding the time to sit down and work on my art. Thankfully, I'm getting back into my groove and here's a sketch (ready for coloring) of Siren's Argonian, Glim-Fay.
Posted Jan 25, 14 · OP
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