The forge outside Nodnarb's house began to scream and burn brightly. Helga was setting the table when she heard the loud noise just outside. S'barlo's ears turnt up. Helga was startled.

Nodnarb: "Hahahah it's probably a hagraven...S'barlo, sit, eat with us."

Helga: "I don't think that was a..."

Nodnarb: "So how did you get that deep gash in your chest?"

S'barlo: "It was *cough cough* one of *cough* them."

The door flies open and the flames on the candles dim. Helga nearly jumps out of her skin. A dark figure appears at the threshold. S'barlo's claws come out. The dark figure waves his hand and the candles burn even brighter than before. Nodnarb folds his arms and leans back in his chair.

Nodnarb: "What can I do for you, friend?"

Macchio: "We've got some lizards to kill...friend."

Meanwhile, Ralisk and Raliko are racing back to the ship. Vezmarth wakes up to get a late night cheese wedge and sees that Judeena isn't in her bed. He runs to the upper deck to see if she is there and spots his brother and father climbing aboard.

Vezmarth: "Raliko!!!"

Raliko: "Vezmarth! It's Judeena, she's..."

Ralisk: "There's no time, we have to ask around town about Macchio, but they are all asleep."

Raliko: "First thing in the morning then."

Arveena: "*yawn* what's going on?"

They didn't want to tell Arveena but she found out anyway that her daughter was missing. She stormed into town waking the Dunmer fishermen up one after another, knocking over huts, screeming and raising all kinds of Oblivion. The leader of the small village woke up and stepped outside his hut.

Leader: "What's wrong, lady?"

Arveena: "What's wrong?, WHAT'S WRONG?" "My only daughter is missing that's what's wrong!"

Leader: "Please calm down, lady."

Ralisk and Raliko walk over to the leader and Arveena.

Ralisk: "Arveena, please."

Raliko filled the village leader in on who they were and what had happened so far. The leader's eyes grew wide.

Leader: "It can't be..."

Raliko: "What is it?"

Leader: "But it's just and old legend, here come to my hut I have something to show you."

The village leader at Khuul took the crew into his hut and opened the drawer to his end table. He pulled out an old book and blew a pretty thick layer of dust off of it. Ralisk opens the book and skims through the pages and his eyes grow wide. He then subtly hands the book over to Arveena. The fate of The Dark Brotherhood, Oblivion, indeed all of Tamriel was now in the hands of a woman scorned.