Macchio ties up Judeena in one of the towers and then proceeds to the prince's throne-room. He enters to find the lesser prince arguing with Boethiah.

Boethiah: "Your time is up."

Lesser Prince: "What?!"

Boethiah stares the lesser prince down as he signals for Macchio. Macchio waves his hand and the princes helmet is removed. He then begins to chant. The prince is paralyzed. Quickly he appears behind the prince. He begins another chant. The princes heart races ten times faster. The vampires fangs drip with saliva.

Boethiah: "A much darker blood than you are used to I'm sure."

Macchio: "The blood of the this lesser will prove to be a feast much greater."

Macchio latches on and drinks his fill. Boethiah grins malevolently with his arms folded.

Boethiah: "Heh heh, enjoying it are you?"

The lesser prince's heart races and races then explodes blood all over Boethiah and the throne room.

Macchio: "Well now I am."

Boethiah: "That was nice, I'll be going now."

Boethiah disappears and Molag Bal appears sitting on the throne.

Molag Bal: "What in Oblivion happened in here, by the way nice realm."

Macchio: "I believe that seat belongs to me!"

Molag Bal: "Ah ah ah, not so fast bat." "Aren't we forgetting something?"

Macchio: "I got your silencer..."

Molag Bal: "The deal was for the Black Hand to be eliminated, correct?"

Macchio: "Yes, but..."

Molag Bal: "A deal in which you failed to come through on your end, BEGONE!"

One of the few things that Molag Bal and Boethiah could agree on was The Dark Covenant. Macchio tried to gain rulership of the realm by his own rules and failed. Since the Dark Brotherhood now was being ruled by the family of an ex-silencer and pirate this family now falls under the role of the ones to be eliminated. Molag assumes rule of the realm for now and sends Macchio back to Tamriel.