There was bad blood between Ralisk and one of the other silencers, who went by the name Macchio.
Macchio was a Dark Elf from rural Morrowind who, shortly after entering the Dark Brotherhood, became a Vampire Lord.
Macchio rebelled against the Brotherhood, well the Argonians who made up most of it, soon after Ralisk retired.
They all knew he was a vampire but never knew he was a Vampire Lord for he only transformed in secret.

Aboard Ralisk's ship his two youngest sons, Zelskar and Bralith, engage in dramatic swordplay.

Zelskar: "The mighty lizard takes the dangling rope and makes a daring leap!"

Bralith: "As the poor elf guards his fragile head with his puny sword!"

Ralisk: "Children, come now, we have business to discuss."

Zelskar: "Aww dad, I was just about to..."

Ralisk takes Zelskar's sword "Our destination is Morrowind, our target is..."

Bralith: "I know I know, 'an elf' right dad?"

Ralisk: "Good guess Brali!" "but we won't know for sure til' we get to Morrowind."

Zelskar: "Ooh i hope it's the dark kind!"

Ralisk had received a letter the day before mentioning a contract that would be detailed on another note per dead drop near a mountain in Morrowind.

Night falls and they pull up to the shores of Khuul. Ralisk peers through the spyglass at a dormant volcano in the distance.
He looks down a bit and sees an abandoned hut nearby. "ah here we are, we'll stay here for the night." Ralisk tells his son Raliko. Judeena hands her father and brother their cloaks and off the two go to Khuul.

They approach the hut and Raliko asks "You haven't said a word dad, is something the matter?"

Ralisk: "No, well actually yes, a fellow silencer from the brotherhood is from these parts."

Raliko: "Well we'll stop and say hello to his..."

Ralisk: "It's a little more complicated than that son."

Raliko: "What's wrong pop?"

Ralisk: "He's here I know he is...I can feel it."

Raliko: "Who dad who?"

"It's not important." mumbles Ralisk.

Ralisk can't sleep so they make their way to the volcano and a shrouded figure, with a glare in his eyes, passes them on the way heading the opposite direction. Ralisk gets the feeling again. Soon they find the dead drop and read the note. It says: "Missing something? Soon you will be, lizard!"

Meanwhile aboard the ship, everyone is asleep and a dark figure flies on deck and enters the cabin. It hovers over Judeena
chanting "To the neck two teeth are applied, soon you'll be my eternal bride!"

Ralisk and Raliko race back to the ship trying to cling to the shadows and half-way there they see two dark figures overhead
flying under the full moon heading toward the volcano.

Ralisk: "It's him and he's got your sister!"

Raliko: "I can hit him dad!"

Raliko was an ace with the bow and arrow.

Ralisk: "And risk hitting Judeena? No, hurry let's follow him and see where he goes!"

Macchio reaches the rim of the volcano and begins chanting. The volcano slowly begins to churn.
Ralisk and Raliko make it to the foot of the volcano. And look up to see Macchio chanting holding Judeena. The two race to
the top as Macchio leaps into the molten pit. They reach the rim and look down only to find a gate of Oblivion closing.

Raliko: "I couldn't understand what was he chanting?"

Ralisk: "It's the daedric language, he said "Aboard the ship you took the helm which led you to another realm take the leap
jump inside and become my eternal bride."