The morning started unmatched in beauty and splendor with clear skies and cool breezes but soon took an abrupt turn for the worse.

Vezmarth, son of Ralisk, lie under an overturned boat on the shores east of Leyawiin. His first contract went nowhere near as planned and now he is being hunted by the very men he was pursuing. A violent storm passes through as he holds onto the boat with one hand and the other firmly grips his bow. The sounds of what seemed to be a hundred footsteps drew closer and closer. A loud clap of thunder followed by a faint voice saying "look, check under the boats!" for there were several on the shore. There happened to be a hole in the bottom of the boat where he could see and possibly fit an arrow through. Lightning crashes into the beach and the fierce winds blow more viciously. The search is soon called off for the storm would not let up. One by one the cutthroats turn around and march back to town. He holds the bow passed down to him by his father, given to him by Sithis himself, peering through the hole. At last they were all perfectly aligned! With one arrow left he draws his bow and waits for the right moment. Lightning crashes and the arrow is released. One by one they fall to the ground until all but one Khajiit who quickly turns and grabs the arrow as it passes through the last mans head! Once again Vezmarth is merely caught.

Hail begins to pound the beach relentlessly. The Khajiit quickly grabs a shield off the back of one of his fallen comrades and raises it above his head as he slowly approaches the first boat. He kneels down and grabs a firmly planted spear from the ground as he taunts "I know you are here lizard". He turns the first boat over as he says "what's under boat number one I wonder?" Stabbing the ground with the spear but nothing is there. Vezmarth waits silently. "And number two?" A mudcrab scurries away. The tide rises. The shadowscale clings tightly to the boat. "Third time is the charm, no?" the Khajiit confidently flings the last boat into the water and stabs the sand to no avail. Vezmarth drifts away on the boat and then the Khajiit spots him. He takes his spear and launches it at Vezmarth. He catches the spear and paddles toward a ship. The khajiit crouches on the sand as he contemplates. Spear in teeth Vezmarth climbs aboard the ship. The khajiit loses sight of the shadowscale and decides to retreat. The shadowscale takes the spear, draws his bow, and plunges the spear into the heart of the khajiit and nails him to a tree 50 yards away. A male argonian voice exclaims "That's my boy, Hail Sithis!" The Khajiit pulls the spear from his heart and spits a mouthful of blood on the sand and snaps the spear with one hand then exclaims "Your days are numbered lizard!"