The best agents and assassins were sent to track him down, not even knowing who he was, only what he had done.
All of Tamriel had different pictures on their wanted posters with no two pictures having the same face.
No picture was the right one, for this Shadowscale moved only in Shadow.

Approaching a good old age but still alive and well, Ralisk decides to take one last contract.
This is no ordinary contract for he won't have to report back to the Black Hand and will relinquish his role as Silencer
upon completion.

Ralisk sits under a Hist Tree with some old friends he hasn't seen since the day he first trained to be
a shadowscale. They share stories and enjoy a brew of Argonian Ale and Hist sap and the more his old buddies talk the more he realizes that he missed out on many things in his life. Feeling somewhat discouraged and focusing on his final assignment he calls for cheers, the old friends raise there flagons together. Ralisk stumbles a bit and slips into the shadows. They drink up never realizing he left.

Midnight Approaches and off goes Ralisk to Seafalls.

The contract was just to retire and take command of an abandoned pirate ship moored in the island off the coast of Seafalls. When he gets there he sees Sithis and Nocturnal dancing on the upper deck of the ship. He hears lovely yet melancholic music playing as the full moon is uncovered by the clouds. He climbs aboard and as he reaches the deck he sees Dibella. She asks him for a dance. Ralisk humbly obliges.

The two couples are soon dancing higher and higher into the sky when Ralisk tilts his head to look down when Dibella cups his chin and says "stay with me". They dance for about an hour and Dibella says "You are beautiful Ralisk", as Sithis and Ralisk trade partners Nocturnal adds "But no woman has ever seen your beauty for you have clung to the shadows".
"I know of a good Argonian woman!" Exclaimed Sithis as he draws his blade and crosses it with Ralisk's blade.

The music stops, Sithis, Nocturnal and Dibella disappear and Ralisk finds himself crossing blades with a female Argonian pirate on deck! He begins breathing deeply, and the pirate woman coughs "have you been drinking?" He starts to answer and she says to him "You're kinda cute" he says 'your not so ba.." and she plants one on him and says my name is Arveena want to get married?!

Many months later Arveena has five hatchlings born under the sign of the Shadow who all later on become members of the
Black Hand. Ralisk and Arveena to this day sail the seas of Tamriel on a seemingly abandoned pirate ship, but is it abandoned? The assassins of Tamriel may think so, but I wouldn't bet your life on it!