[Weekly] Karthar Market Day

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Karthdar Market Day

Location: Karthdar Village
Event Time: 5pm till late (GMT UK Time) - Starting from May 11th onwards
Host: The Green Commune

Event Description:
Karthdar village is home to a thriving community of traders, farmers and everyday people going about their daily lives. Protected by a small militia regiment due to the threats in the North, the Karthdar towns folk sit amongst a trading hub within Grahtwood. Treethane Galeth seeks for Karthdar to become a larger trading community throughout the Dominion, hosting a weekly Market Day where all traders from the Dominion are able flog their wares at reasonable prices.

The Karthdar militia stand guard throughout the day to protect villagers and travellers from any potentially harmful events. Do not fear if they ask some simple questions, they are merely doing their job, and in times of uncertainty throughout Tamriel, one must protect their own interests.

This does require the completion of the Pact Advocate quest to de-aggro all mobs in Karthdar and "clear out" the village.
Posted May 13, 14
Would just like to thank all non Green Commune members who showed up today. It was great to meet some of you and hope you return next week :)
Posted May 13, 14