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[Art and Commissions] Ark's Arty Shenaniganery

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Original post below, edited to add commission info!

I've gotten a lot of people asking me about commissions, and I figured I would update this post with pricing and examples to help everyone decide if they're interested.

Not all of these have examples- the ones that do are spoilered. For a general overview of my style, look here. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!


Rough character bust- 10$

Rough full body sketch- 15$: Show

Clean character bust lineart- 20$

Clean full body lineart- 25$

Painted character bust, no lines- 25$: Show

Rough-paint full body, no lines- 30-40$
(See Dar'kiv painting below)

Painted full body, no lines- 60$, 40$ per additional character: Show

Paypal only, prices liable to change!
(Price will not change once a commission is started.)


Hiya! I've been lurking in the chat for a while, but I figure I should get my ESO arts together for a thread over here! I don't have too much, but with all this time before the launch I'll have plenty of time to fix that. Expect a lot of Khajiits and werewolves.

My main on ESO! Trying to figure out cat-face anatomy.

The picture of Dar'kiv I'm using on her profile.

I've been doing some speedpainting, and I think this is the first time I've done a werewolf I actually like! yeeee

Comments and critiques are always appreciated.
Posted Feb 20, 14 · OP · Last edited Feb 25, 14
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Oh man Ark your art is best art 2014 you go gurl.

Posted Feb 20, 14
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Spared a coin for the poor
Daw, That Khajiit face is adorable. Q.Q Makes you wanna pinch her cheek.
Posted Feb 20, 14
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Wonderful art :sick:
Posted Feb 21, 14
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This is beyond cute and amazing.
Posted Feb 21, 14
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Beautiful style - your method of color makes your Khajiit seem warm and friendly even without the adorable. Well done.

Also dat werewolf anatomy jfc. I have the greatest admiration for anyone who can tackle beast races/animals because they are very much out of the realm of my expertise.
Posted Feb 21, 14
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Spared a coin for the poor
I love this so much. Like so much, you don't even know.
Posted Feb 21, 14
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What he said ^
Posted Feb 21, 14
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Omg, it's all so pretty!
Posted Feb 21, 14
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Zoinks! These are really lovely. I dig your style. =D
Posted Feb 21, 14
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