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[Drinking Song] My Amber Love

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A drinking song based on a lot of innuendos. I know accordions might not exist in Tamriel, but it's a nice instrument nontheless!
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Posted Feb 19, 14 · OP
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Nicely done. Would be awesome to hear this sung by a large crowd of people in an actual tavern. It is a shame that we can not play songs ingame in ESO. Would be wonderful to hit "play" in an ingame tavern and watch the world go mad.

Link the song also in your "bucket" thread?
Posted Feb 19, 14
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Oh my god, this is the best thing. I'm singing this IC.
Posted Feb 19, 14
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Spared a coin for the poor

If a Bard plays this ICly, I am gonna open the file asap, get the lyrics and be ready to sing along!
Posted Feb 20, 14 · Last edited Feb 20, 14
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