[Glim-Fay] The Bloodmire

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Her thick, dirty nails drummed the edge of the stone table. Long, uncut. The slime of the swamp had made this witch’s talons their home. The tapping was the only thing to disturb the solitude of the night, until the rattling of beads emerged into the thick air.

The beaded curtain was hastily pushed aside as a man entered, his hair a dense blonde mane. Nordic blood coursed through his veins, evident by his barbaric-like nature. He had come to receive his end of the bargain, the power that he so ever lusted after.

But it was soon, that his expression changed from one of boldness, to that of horror. For in front of him, lay a deer—or what was left of one. A long cut was split through the middle, and as such a rich red spilt onto the now stained stone. Bowels were messily strewn across the surface, and a circle of blood was painted around the creature.

“What have you done?”
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a story about glim-fay
the first part
listen to ths song
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I request a shared story, or rp! I have a bio and all, and some posted stories!
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