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Prayers of Ash and Poems of Dust [Ashanabi Zainna]

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Author's Note: I've decided my character will write. Here you will find collections of poems, hymns, prayers, and other such writings. I'll be experimenting with form as I go, varying from piece to piece. I hope you enjoy.

The Spider's Kiss

Born from silken shadow thread
Through obscure paths, children lead.
Chapters of our life pre-read;
Every word that shall be said,
All the meals that we are fed,
Plotted in the spider’s head.
Let no heart be filled with dread
And swear no tears will be shed,
For though the road which we tread
Is certain to leave us dead,
Bled red and torn into shreds,
She leads only to our bed.
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For Maeoni

Maeoni! Burning sunlight of the day:
You guard close the wisdom I do strive for.
And forever I shall love and adore
You who bears the torch keeping fear away.
I walk through coal fields full of burning gray
Darkened by deep set crystal marks of war,
Made ever light and cold by all of your
Smiles, laughter; fleeting, never to stay.
For though we stand here sundered and apart,
Broken shards abandoned in the wild,
I keep you in the soul cairn of my heart,
A respite gained, half earned, forever mild.
I aim to capture through these words of art,
Memories of thee, my dear lost child.
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When asked to name itself, it dared to take the wise woman’s staff and scribe within the fallen soot: ∅. Following, it seized the Ashkan’s blade and carved marrowtrue revealing a stoned heart. Thus, it showed itself to be thrice skinned. The hue of life, the rot of death, and the ash of Atherius coated its body. Speaking:

I am walker of the Molag’d dust, dream of the dead dreaming dreamer, Vemyn friend, and solar ash mender. My house numbers six and none. My age: 4444. My second age: 55555. Attend, Erabenimsun! Attend the words of the Sharmat’s slave! Red Sunder'd and tune set, a death knell rang throughout the Mount and slithered out the dreamsleeve, circling around to bounce off itself, ending at the start. For aurals made Keen can do little else.

The note contraposed the Sharmat's inverse endeavor. Nirn trembled. Vvarden fell. Red's spine snapped. Triangular idols melted. A Tusk septum tore and we, Doht Seht, awoke far from Molag'd earth. Golden eyed thal stamped out the wonder-mirrors of belief forevermore, far worse than the Sharmat's second bounding brass destruction drive ever could. With only shards left, what you know as the spun web could not self sustain and broke, clicking all the while. First brass remained forged and awoke on Landfall. The World Egg cracked and Aurbis subtracted to bring us here again. For aurals made Keen can do little else..

At this, ∅ reached into its chest and ripped the stoney heart out, breaking into ash.
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Song of the Saviors

The wand’ring pilgrims journey far through darkened fields smold’ring with fear 

towards an unknown future full of wild skies of latticed clouds and

refracted light rays doubleshot across the sharp glinting readied spear.

Mother Rose damned the stock from her Moon Shadow with regretful hand,
with heart solemnrose prick’d did Night Sky Queen sigh deep as she began

teaching true betrayal’s costly toll from umbra’d cold outer realm fenn;

Blinded friend leading on evermore truelimbed towards the promised land.

May Veloth lead the lost to a home as Alandro shields them.

Beleaguered children remain trapped in three barred cages and peer

at captors refusing Wraith Chained lessons for those they demand,

Desperate, confused, primelonging-everpoised for their mutineer

bonewalk breaking battleworn brimestone barriers black and banned.

Champion ascendant marches with waterface towards sand

made of ground bone and burnt corpse to levy the nu-ly made gem 

that all can share as lockbreak releasing key to steel forged grand.

May Veloth lead the lost to a home as Alandro shields them.

Ravaging conquerors, Underking slaves, Ebonarm thrall threaten the frontier

with fire+hot blade hate the pilgrim shall never withstand.

Sharpened daggers held aloft, slashing claiming cheap blood to smear

dance in motion, music chimed, synchronized all in time with band.
Pilgrims screaming child like awaiting guild gold commands

stonerock shouted mountain high: champion’s call rings through again.

Order given, rebel waking, pilgrim flag battle brand.

May Veloth lead the lost to a home as Alandro shields them.

Walking ending, clouds breaking, settling to dreamwove’d Lag’d coastland.

Silent respite ever present, steamstress starting to rehem

tattered clothing. Faithful settlers sink deep roots in land.

May Veloth lead the lost to a home as Alandro shields them.
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