The Weekly Mudcrab Issue #11

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News & Updates

Weekly Event Roundup 10/16 10/22

Sundas 10/16

NA 8:00 PM EDT

Remote Tribunal Services Sermon A Short, Relaxed Religious, Tribunal Sermon, open to all who wish to attend. Located at Frostmoon Farmstead, outside of Riften.


NA 9:00 PM EDT

Telvanni Tea House Join us for a quiet dinner with your loved one, or bring your friends and reminisce about the past weeks events, located in the Basement in Hrogar's Hold.

@GreeenTea @Maki_001

Morndas 10/17

NA 8:00 PM EDT

Refuge for Weary Souls Whether you are healer or patient, are of injured body or wounded spirit, all are welcome. We are warded against all Daedric forces and intolerant of harassment, so come to rest your hearts in safety.


NA 8:00 PM EDT

Weekly Underground Market Criminals and merchants of illegal goods are invited to attend the Underground Market, held weekly in the criminal refuges of the Covenant's major cities.


NA 8:00 PM EDT

Witches Festival Shad Astula will be offering protective talismans, enchanting services and spellwork for half price. We will also be hosting a large number of events for this very spooky and special holiday!


Tirdas 10/18

NA 8:00 PM EDT

Unofficial Tavern Night General tavern shenanigans. This week: The Screaming Mermaid in Stros M'kai.


NA 8:00 PM EDT

Dunmeri Culture Studies Hosted by the Blue Seas Whirling School. Come and learn more about Dunmeri ways and religion in an interactive discussion and debate. Held at Fort Zeren's main keep in Bal Foyen.


NA 9:00 PM EDT

Weekly Kynesgrove Congregational Meeting A meeting between those faithful to the Nordic Pantheon at Kynesgrove in Eastmarch, on the eastern shore of the lake.


NA 10:15 PM EDT

Ivory Dice Club Games & Contests The Ivory Dice Club is a non-guild, IC recreational club. Play dice games (like Liar's Dice & Blackjack) and win prizes! Bring in-game gold to bet, bet ICly, or play for fun. Drinks served after!


Middas 10/19

NA 8:00 PM EDT

Aldmeri Tavern Night Join the Sugar Claw Clan as they come together for an evening of boisterous festivities full of drinking, games, and storytelling.

@Icisia @Malatorius

NA 8:00 PM EDT

Unofficial Un-Tavern Night A foil to Tavern Night, featuring routine RP outside of the Tavern setting for any who wish to attend.


NA 8:00 PM EDT

Withered Tree Tavern Night Head to the Withered Tree and join the Order of the Ravyn for food and drink, sparring, prizes, and more!


Turdas 10/20

NA 9:00 PM EDT

Tribunal Temple Sermons Weekly sermons on Dunmer faith revolving around The Three.

@SebayaKeto @Horizon_Seeker @Sinistrae13

NA 9:00 PM EDT

Kvatch Market Faire On this day merchants, entertainers and shoppers alike flock to Kvatch from across the Gold Coast for trade and barter. (Open, unstructured community event, bring your merchant characters!)


NA 10:00 PM EDT

The Flaming Nix Cornerclub As a treat for those who attend the sermons, the Flaming Nix has a new owner and will be open for drinks and food after listening to the lovely sermons and prayer.

@theamazeman @Halfeti @Sadistic_Nicci

Fredas 10/21

NA 8:00 PM EDT

Spirits of Sand Tavern Night The Spirits of Sand are hosting public tavern nights every Fredas at the Screaming Mermaid!

Amethyst Nightmare

NA 9:00 PM EDT

Ebony Flask Tavern Night The Ebony Flask opens its casks to all for Flask Night! Free drinks and food while you watch or join in tests of will, strength and wit in games of chance, pit fights and so much more!


NA 9:00 PM EDT

Skyrim Underground Hosted by the Jackals and Clan Dukaan! Come on down to the Riften Outlaws Refuge for a night of gambling, fighting, black market deals, auctions and the best part, OPEN BAR!

@viktorkrusnik @autfoxt @Liphoon

Loredas 10/22

NA 5:00 PM EDT

The Soup Kitchen Supporting people in need to live with dignity in the community. One bowl of homemade soup, small loaf of fresh bread and skin of clean water is provided to the hungry. This charity program offers a single premade seasonal meal free of charge.


NA 6:00 PM EDT

S’karaja Clanmother Sessions Come and take part in spiritual, philosophical, or political discussion with other citizens of Elsweyr and the Dominion or seek aid from Clanmother Jo'ara.


NA 9:00 PM EDT

Skooma Den Nights Partake of illicit substances and hospitality in the lush House Rousseau. All walks of life welcome. Public areas carry only legal drugs, but with password one can slip into the Skooma Den!


NA 9:00 PM EDT

Sermon Study Open-ended discussion on Tribunal Temple theology, hosted by the Blue Seas Whirling School. Bring your books and thinking caps out to Fort Zeren!


These events were taken straight from the calendar listings and are only accurate up to those that were added before the posting of this article.

Community Projects

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Literary Corner

Being so apologetic Shylis

She finished the laundry, dishes, replacing the clean chamber pots, and received her pay for the day. As always she put a small amount aside for herself and the majority in a large leather pouch. The leather pouch had become fairly heavy as it always did around this time of the month.

Of Nomads and The Free Spirit snopp dog khaleesi

Born from the Desert's womb and fathered by the Ocean's vast, the tireless nomad saw no sound in the coveted comforts of a lavish urban life. Caught betwixt the heartless dunes and the boundless sky, time lost all meaning.

The Bear Flexar

Madelyn could feel her entire body itching in the split second it took Hjalmar to turn around and face the bear behind him. It was such a short space of time, but Madelyn could notice every minute detail of Hjalmar's movements - how relaxed he seemed, how loose his arms and shoulders were, how he somehow managed to crack an amused grin - and, more importantly, the bear's.

A Deal with the Devil Theryl

The warded door in the east hall was the only option. They had picked up a few relics and artifacts from the rest of the ruin, but that would barely cover the costs of getting them home, if that.

Hearthfire Sarin

From rock to rock like stepping stones, Morwinyon danced with infantile feet over the brook that ran swiftly below the crags of Beaconfall; the Ralleidril’s Auridon winter estate.

Diamond-Red to Leather-Black: Thomas Elessar's Journal CrimsonThomas

The tired Imperial reached into the space between his chest and his armor, releasing a sigh as his fingers crept upon the enchanted leather of the notebook.

The Journals and Letters of Honoria Julia Strix

A fine envelope is slid through a slot in a door to an abandoned building in Cyrodil. The markings on the building tell it to be the chapter house for The Order of the Azure Star. It sits, locked up tight, and in the beginning leanings of disrepair.

A History of the Houses and Clans of Tamriel Savage Sterling

This book provides detailed summaries, Sigils and Histories of the Houses of Nobility and Family Clans across the continent of Tamriel, by Redactus the Red.

A War-Master's Compendium Rector

It's plausible that you'd be able to find this book in a general literacy store; inside many of the major Ebonheart Pact holds and neighboring regions.

Multimedia Showcase

Xevlyn Xev

Gangyzgirl Commission Maki

Malani Dralas senexys

Transliminal Sarin

Alexandria Beltane Beltane

work title, if applicable Renestia

Maurrelie Morrelie cruset

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Zan'du Solhan Rayna

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