I have been kindly asked if I would give some encouragement to the good folks at ESO-RP.

Seems they might be getting another meet up with ZOS soon... maybe you should tune in?

For those of you keen on the thought, you eager beavers you are:

ESO-RP - Episode 48: Dobby Reads Poetry, and We Talk About the New Features Coming in August.

RP Weekly Event Roundup

The Duchess posted Sat at 22:04
  • Sunday, June 26 [NA] - 8:30 PM EST
    • Refuge for Weary Souls: Sundas is almost always a day of rest, reflection and restoration. Thanks to a generous donation, the Greenbower in Woodhearth will become a sanctuary for those in need. Whether you are in need of healing, guidance, or simply good company, the Refuge is open to all. The premises is warded against vampires and other Daedric threats for your safety. Please alert the guard if you notice any individual reacting to the wards.
  • Sunday, June 26 [EU] 19:00 CET
    • Southpoint requests your aidThe old town built upon crumbling stones has fallen into ruin once again... a traumatizing chain of events led to the destruction of this otherwise peaceful community. In dire need of rebuilding and healing of its citizens, a search for volunteers is being conducted. Free meals provided for volunteer workers. Contact: @Skatmat, @Bongo3112, or @shaikan12.
  • Sunday, June 26 [NA] 2 PM EST
    • Senche RacesLadies and Gentlemen! Scamps and Scoundrels! This one, Kiarash Vashad, would humbly like to invite you the next installment of the Vashad Senche Race Series. Khajiit invites to you come watch the race, or if you are so daring, brave the track yourself and test yourself against the other racers!
  • Wednesday, June 29 [NA] - 7:30 PM EST
    • Dark Market: A gathering for all criminals and those who deal in questionable arts. Whether you want to buy or sell, come to the Market for all things not so legal. Please contact @Teiglin14 with any questions.
  • Wednesday, June 29 [NA] 8 PM EST
    • Aldmeri Tavern NightJoin the Sugar Claw Clan as they come together for an evening of boisterous festivities full of drinking, games, and storytelling. Check thread for updated info, or contact @Icisia or @Malatorious. This week: Silver Moons Inn, Baandari Tradepost, Malabal Tor. 
  • Saturday, July 2 [NA] - 6 PM EST
    • S'karaja Clanmother Sessions: A call has been sounded throughout Reaper's March. Traders, craftsmen, and caravaneers alike have been urged to spread the word of the reconstruction of the S'karaja Temple. Any and all walkers willing to donate gold, materials, or labor to the efforts of rebuilding the once-proud temple may approach the clanmother on this evening, when she welcomes one and all to visit her sacred grounds and share in a Khajiiti feast. (At the courtyard at the entrance of Moonmont, in Reaper's March). Contact @DerAlleinTiger for info.
  • Sunday, June 26 [NA] - 6 PM EST
    • Casino Night at the Riverside: Highrollers! Travellers! Merchants and Mercenaries, young and old! Come for the cards and try your luck with your gold! Or come for the fine cuisine and drink! Or come for a little company! We have it all!
  • Sunday, June 26 [NA] - 9 PM EST
    • Telvanni Tea House Special - Sun's Dusk Banquet: Welcome to the Telvanni Tea House, Muthsera. Thank you for seeking out our little hole in the wall here in Hrogar's Hold, rest assured I personally guarantee your visit will be full of perfectly brewed tea, delicious delicacies, and a relaxing atmosphere. 
  • Monday, June 27 [NA] - 8:30 PM EST
    • Pact Healing Sanctuary: The Healing Sanctuary remains open under the care of the Conclave of Aetherius! Come by and volunteer your time, or seek treatment free of charge at Fort Fullhelm. All types of injuries ddressed!
  • Tuesday, June 28 [NA] - 9 PM EST
    • Weekly Kynesgrove Congregational MeetingA meeting between those faithful to the Nordic Pantheon at Kynesgrove in Eastmarch, on the eastern shore of the lake. This Tuesday, we gather for our usual fellowship, but also in grief: recently, Seracusa Berqvist succumbed after a long battle with a mysterious illness. Accordingly, there will be services for the deceased. Any who knew her are invited, and there may be an opportunity to offer a few words.
  • Wednesday, June 29 [NA] - 8 PM EST
    • Withered Tree Tavern NightHead to the Withered Tree and join the Order of the Ravyn for food and drink, sparring, prizes, and more!
  • Thursday, June 30 [NA] - 8 PM EST
    • Skyrim UndergroundHosted by the Jackals and Clan Dukaan! Come on down to the Riften Outlaws Refuge for a night of gambling, fighting, black market deals, auctions and the best part, OPEN BAR! Contact @autfoxt, @Liphoon or @viktorkrusnik with questions.
  • Thursday, June 30 [NA] - 9 PM EST
    • Tribunal Temple Sermon: Weekly sermons on Dunmer faith revolving around The Three. Contact @SebayaKeto | @lunarmynx | @Horizon_Seeker | @Sinistrae13.
  • Thursday, June 30 [NA] - 10 PM EST
    • The Flaming Nix CornerclubAs a treat for those who attend the sermons, the Flaming Nix has a new owner and will be open for drinks and food after listening to the lovely sermons and prayer.
  • Thursday or Friday (?), June 30/July 1 [NA] - 9PM 
    • Ebony Flask Night: The Ebony Flask opens its casks to all for Flask Night! Free drinks and food while you watch or join in tests of will, strength and wit in games of chance, pit fights and so much more!
  • Thursday, June 30 [NA] - 9 PM EST
    • Kvatch Market Faire: While Kvatch's market is bustling daily, each Turdas it finds itself particularly busy with merchants and shoppers alike gathering from all over the Gold Coast region. Alongside the numerous stalls, there is plenty of delicious Cyrodiilic food and entertainment to be had, and this faire has quickly become a favorite excuse to gather and revel with the community. (Bring your merchants, entertainers and shoppers alike to this open-ended, community driven event!)
  • Friday, July 1 [NA] - 9 PM EST
    • Kvatch Tavern Night: Join the citizens of Kvatch and the surrounding Gold Coast at the Eight Blessings Inn for an eve of revelry and relaxation. Each week will feature a supper menu and selection of drinks, all Cyrodiilic themed of course.
  • Friday, July 1 [NA] - 10 PM EST
    • Imperial City run with the Cult of Meridia: Be led by the Cult of Meridia in the Imperial City! Contacts: @Malinenko, @Emogollum.
  • Tuesday, June 28 [EU] - 19:30 GMT
    • Tales of Tamriel: This will be the six month anniversary of ToT! Meet at the Sleepy Sailor Inn in Koeglin Village to share lore-friendly stories and the like. So if you have a tale you've read somewhere ingame or your character has had a curious experience, or if you have even written your own story, poem or song and want to share it, then don't hesitate to contact @Garish either on Enjin or ingame. Looking forward to seeing you there! 
  • Tuesday, June 28 [NA] - 8 PM EST
  • Wednesday, June 29 [NA] - 9 PM EST
    • Sermon of the Divines: Come to the Cathedral in Shornhelm where you may learn the Truth of the Divines, and ask what has been on your mind! The Sermon shall being near dusk, and shall end just after dusk.
  • Thursday, June 30 [NA] - 9 PM EST
    • Wayrest Mages Guild: Any in the city are welcome to the Wayrest Mages Guild for services, magic training, or requesting assistance with magic related affairs. Contact @SolinarTheWizard for more info.
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